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Investment Region

Here, the fund can focus on a specific region or country, for example on developed markets or on emerging markets.

Bond Focus

The investment fund can focus on a particular bond segment, for example government bonds.

Risk/Holding Period

The indicated risk and the recommended holding period for our investment funds are based directly on the Synthetic Risk and Return Indicator (SRRI). At an SRRI of 1 or 2, the recommended holding period is at least 2 years, and the risk is assessed as low. At a level of 3 to 6, a holding period of at least 6 years is recommended (moderate or medium risk). Funds can also be classified as having a high level of risk, with a recommended minimum holding period is 8 years. The fund is classified solely on the basis of the SRRI. This is not a reliable indicator of future performance and can change over time. A classification in category 1 does not mean that the investment is risk-free.

Currency Risk

  • Yes
    The performance of the investment fund can be influenced substantially by currency risks.
  • No
    The fund enters into no material foreign currency risks, and/or any currency risks that are associated with securities are hedged.
  • Subordinated
    In order to seize opportunities, currency risks can be accepted to a limited extent. The performance of the investment fund can be influenced to a certain degree by currency risks.

Pension Fund

The search here is limited to the funds that explicitly meet the special requirements of the Austrian Pension Fund Act (Österreichisches Pensionskassengesetz) according to their fund terms and conditions.


AM SLSP mutual funds are managed by Asset Management of Slovenská sporiteľňa, správy. spol., a. s., Tomášikova 48, 832 65 Bratislava, ICO: 35 820 705, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, Section: Sa, Insert c. 2814 / B. Investment in mutual funds bears also certain risk. Investment value may as well decrease and return of the originally invested amount is not guaranteed either. The revenues from investment achieved in the past are not indicator of the future performance. Fund management is governed by the Statute, Sales Prospectus ad Key Investor Information Document, which are available the residence of the asset management company as well as in the commercial points of sale and the web of the asset management company. The tax regime depends on the individual situation of the client and can change in the future.


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