Combi deposit

Combination: fund and deposit

Interesting combination, interesting evaluation

The combination that will bring you

  • interest rateat: 1,00% of the annual term deposit in Slovenská sporiteľňa
  • a return on investment in the SPORO Aktívne portfólio

The investment is appreciated on the one-year term deposit in Slovenská sporiteľňa, which is 1/3 and at the same time 2/3 is appreciated in the SPORO Aktívne portfólio.

Annual Term Deposit:

  • minimum deposit of € 500
  • guaranteed interest rate over the entire 1%

SPORO Aktívne portfólio:

  • estimated yield 2 - 3% per year - adhering to the recommended holding period of 3 to 5 years,
  • you can invest € 1,000 - 2/3 of the total investment, 
  • entry fee is 0.8 % of your investment.



Active portfolio actively regroups funds between stock equity investors and different types of bond investments based on regional spread and credit risk based on global tactical asset allocation. The share of the equity component may range from 0 to 30%, the bond component is not limited.




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