Terms and conditions of use of the website www.erste-am.sk (the"terms and conditions")

The operator of the website www.erste-am.sk and its components (the "website") is Asset Management Slovenskej sporiteľne, správ. spol., a. s., having its registered office at Tomášikova 48, 832 65 Bratislava, Company no.: 35 820 705, registered in the Commercial register of District court Bratislava I, Section: Sa, Insert no.: 2814/B (the "operator").

Terms and conditions are regulated, issuedand modified solely by the operator. The terms and conditions shall apply to all persons who enter the website and use the website (the "user").

Operator as author is in compliance with the Act no. 618/2003 on copyright and rights related to copyright a person authorized to exercise proprietary rights to this website, in particular to grant consent to the use thereof.

Except for these terms and conditions, the disclosure of any data or information on the website shall not be of the nature of a legal act intended to create a legal relationship between the operator and the user of this website, unless otherwise provided for or agreed on in particular cases. Legal relationships between the operator and the user of the website shall be governed by the wording of the terms and conditions applicable at the date of creation of such relationships, unless otherwise provided for or agreed on.

These terms and conditions shall not apply to information, documents and other data published on the website or acts performed through a website which are binding on both contracting parties upon an agreement concluded by and between the operator and its client in the performance of transactions under special regulations, in particular under those governing collective investment.

By using this website, the user confirms that it has become acquainted with the terms and conditions, it agrees with them and undertakes to observe them.

The information provided for on the website is informative and is not legally

The operator shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the data it receives for the website from a third party or other than its own resources. The operator shall not be liable for any damage caused by the use of the website. Nor is the operator liable for any damage caused by the use of the third party websites referred to on this website and for the content of third party advertising on this website.

An operator grants the user the right to use the website exclusively for the user's personal needs. Any other use of the website shall be subject to the prior consent of the operator.

The provision of any information to the operator by the user through the website shall be at the same time considered as granting the user's consent to the operator to use this information for the purpose of performing the business activities of the operator in accordance with specific regulations.

No obligation of confidentiality shall imply to the operator for any information provided by the user unless such obligation arises to the operator from the contract with the user or if such obligation arises from generally binding legal regulations.

The user may not transmit to the website or by means of the latter any information infringing the applicable legal regulations of the Slovak Republic or the information being contrary to good morals.

The user must not interfere in any way with the technical substance or content of the website. The right to make modifications, remove or add any part of the website shall belong solely to the operator.

These terms and conditions shall become valid and effective on the date of their publication. Terms and conditions were published on 22 April 2015.